How to Take Care of Trees

Everybody loves a beautiful landscape but not everyone knows the work that’s involved in keeping it that way. Summer is the best time to enjoy the gardens because of the warm temperature outside. But then, all garden work happens in fall so that the trees are ready for the dreaded winter seasons and at their most optimum state when spring arrives.

Caring for Trees

As you can see, trees need care and attention all year round. As the homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your trees don’t just look good, but are also safe for all. Neglecting the signs of danger could compromise the security of your family and property.

What You Need to Do

You have to keep the garden safe at all times. To do that, there are several things that you can do, such as cutting down sick trees and pruning healthy ones. For these things, an arborist can help you out. They are the professionals who are experts in trees Murfreesboro TN.

One of their most common tasks is tree pruning. Your tree needs regular tree pruning as it’s the method that helps in the proper maintenance of your tree. The reason why you should get regular tree pruning are:

1. Reduces the likelihood of the tree falling

Trees that are not well-cared for are at the risk of getting diseased. When they are decaying long enough, then they are bound to break and fall. With tree pruning, this won’t be an issue so you’ll have added peace of mind.

2. Gives the tree a better structure

Tree pruning controls height and size. Over time, it will give it a much better structure and look. Pruning removes all dense and old branches on the tree to keep it looking good, strong, and amazing.

3. Removes dead and decayed parts

When the decayed, dead, and rotting parts of the tree are removed, high are the chances that its health will recover. Pruning trees regularly will extend its lifespan. But if you don’t do it and your tree is dying, then it may need to be cut down at the soonest possible time.

4. Improves the quality of fruits

Trees need lots of flowers in order to yield as many fruits. Pruning enhances the production of flowers and fruits. It even improves its quality. A regularly pruned tree is more likely to bear the tastiest fruits.

5. Provides a better shade

A lot of people plant trees to give their garden a nice shade for the patio or deck. If your tree plays such a crucial part of your landscape, then you need to take care of it very well. Pruning helps supports the branches that provide the best shade.

These are just some of the benefits of tree pruning. It’s the most important tree maintenance procedure that you should do for your trees. It helps so much in enhancing the health of the tree, increasing its lifespan, and ensuring you of enjoying all of the tree’s benefits for a very long time.


Crucial Tree Services that You Need

Having a tree in your backyard has a lot of benefits. You know for a fact that trees emit oxygen and process carbon dioxide. Essentially, trees contribute to the environment more than you ever know. On top of that, trees also provide us with food and tools to build our home with. A single tree can definitely support human life.

Crucial Tree

Knowing the sheer importance of trees, it’s our responsibility to take care of them. Trees need proper maintenance across all seasons. To ensure that you’re taking care of your trees at all times, listed below are the services that you’ll need no matter what season it is.

1. Tree pruning and trimming

Pruning and trimming trees encourage better air circulation. It also reduces the possibility of disease spreading and lowers the risks of the tree getting damaged by the high winds. Tree trimming removes all unhealthy and dangerous branches that may easily fail in severe weather conditions. Tree pruning, on the other hand, lets in more sunlight so they, too, can enjoy nourishment from under the tree.

2. Tree shearing

There are various methods to shear trees and the two most commonly used ones are Class 1 shearing and hazard shearing. Class 1 shearing high-quality shearing work that supports the health of the tree, as it removes dead branches. Hazard shearing, on the other hand, is the process of removing large weak, dead, or decayed branches. Doing so lessens hazards among high-impact targets.

3. Tree removal

If you need to remove a tree, then it has to be done in a safe, organized, and secure manner. It won’t matter if the tree is very small or explicitly large trees. The job still has to be handled by experts for your protection. Hire a trained arborist who is an expert in providing all types of tree service Huntsville.

4. Stump grinding

After removing a tree, the stump remains. Stump grinding is a separate job from tree removal because it requires a different set of tools. You also need to hire tree experts in handling this job. Stumps have to be grinded 6 to 12 inches below the soil. Doing so allows for replanting on the spot where the tree was. There are different types of equipment used for stump grinding and that one that you should use must fit your property.

5. Fertilization

To ensure that your tree lives long and strong, it needs adequate nutrients. If the soil can’t provide for all the nutrients it needs on its own, then you’ll need to add some fertilizer to it. That way your landscape will achieve its full potential and won’t be exposed to infections or insect problems either. A well-fertilized tree is resistant to common diseases.

6. Cabling and bracing

These services are performed as preventive measures during a storm. Bracing and cabling the tree will help minimize the effect of storm damage. Talk to an arborist to know if your tree requires this service so it won’t get injured during the hurricane season.


The Proper Way of Caring for Trees

Every homeowner who has a tree should do everything to keep it thriving. If the tree starts to fail, you’re going to have a big problem on your hands. It’s important that you care for your trees all year round to ensure that they’re green, strong, and beautiful.

Caring for Trees

You should know all about the tell-tale signs that a tree is failing. Some of the things that you should check are no new leaves coming out in spring, leaves falling when they shouldn’t have, leaves turning brown before fall, and trees trunks that lean dangerously, and branches falling.

Tree Care Tips and Tricks

To ensure the health of your tree, it is highly advised that you hire arborists who provide the best Montgomery tree service to help you out. They should be able to help you with any issue that you’re having with your tree. But here are some things that you can do on your own:

1. Watering

To ensure that your tree is nourished all season long, you have to water it regularly. Trees require an average of 25 gallons of water every week, which is equivalent to 1.5 inches of rainfall, just in case you don’t want to overdo it.

2. Pruning

There’s the right way or pruning and the wrong way of doing it. Improper pruning destabilizes the tree and compromises its health. Proper pruning, on the other hand, makes it healthier and more beautiful. If you’re not well-trained in pruning trees, it’s best that you leave this job to the experts.

3. Mulching

Mulching keeps the soil moist. This is necessary during the hot summer months. It also protects younger trees from stress. In most cases, adding mulch also add to your home’s curb appeal. However, adding too little or much of it will spell disaster. It’s important that you mulch just right.

4. Protecting trees

There are unwanted organisms and wildlife that can affect the health of your tree. Be sure that you protect your tree from rodents, deer, and other wildlife that could damage it. Install a fence or a trunk guard on your tree if necessary.

5. Fertilizing

Trees need fertilizer in order to get the nutrients it needs to combat disease and pest infestation. Nutrient deficiency in trees can cause a range of problems. Be sure that you give your tree adequate fertilizer without overdoing it. You might have to check what nutrient your tree lacks so you can buy the right fertilizer for it.

Other Things to Consider

These are the things that your tree needs in order to thrive. But then, there’s the right time to provide these services to get the best possible effect. For example, structural pruning is best done during the tree’s dormant season, which usually is December to March.

It is also important to plant trees properly so you would minimize the problems you’ll have with it in the long run. Planting the right tree species in the most ideal plot in your garden is the start of a beautiful experience with your tree.